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Method Statement For Installation Of Steel Structure For Attic Slab

reinforcement bar method statement

Following equipment shall be arranged before starting the work.

Lifting Equipment: Chain block / Lever Block is used to lifting the beams at the installation area. Usually use to help workers to lift the beams at low level height before fixing the connection bolts the same also for aligning the connection of the beams.

Rotating & Power Machines:

Welding Machines (if required at site)

during installation – optional only.

Rotating & power machines

Grinding machines, drill machines, coring machines, pencil grinding machines etc.

3 Cutting Machines:

Gas cutting (includes oxygen cylinder, acyteline cylinder)

use for cutting the steel beams if necessary during installation – optional use only.

Grinding Machines (cutting disc)

Installation Procedures for Steel Structure For Attic Slab:

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