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General Civil Method Statement For Foundations Construction

1. Purpose

2. Scope

3. Definitions

4. Responsibilities

5. Safety

5.1 Machinery and Equipment

5.2 Personal Protective Equipment

5.3 Safety Arrangement during the foundation work

6. Working Method

6.1       Preparing Work

6.2        Survey and Setting out

6.3       Excavation

6.4       Dewatering

6.5       Piles (where applicable)

6.6       Blinding Concrete

6.7       Foundation

6.7.1       Rebar

6.7.2       Formwork

6.7.3       Concrete

6.8       Embedded Items

6.9       Repair and Items

6.10     Repair and Touch-up

6.11     Pedestal

7. Allowance and Tolerance

8. References

9. Appendices

A. Activity Organization Chart

B. Emergency Action Plan

C. Sketches and Drawings

D. Foundation Location Plan Foundation Construction Sequences Foundation Schedule

10. Exhibits: Manufactures repaired product data sheets to be added

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this general method statement is to describe the construction procedures for the isolated pile cap and pad foundations. Large raft foundations will be covered in specific foundation method statements and are not included in this document.

2.0 Scope

The works will incorporate the procedures necessary to execute the following items:­

Preparing of Work

Survey And Setting Out



Pile (If Applicable)

Blinding Concrete

Foundation- Rebar- Formwork- Concrete

Embedded Items



3.0 Definitions



Responsible in the supervision of the sub-contractor who will perform the construction work and all related activities as outlined in this procedure


Responsible in the execution of the construction work as well as the tests required in accordance to this procedure


Responsible in the execution of Foundation Work

4.0 Responsibilities

Construction Manager and Senior Engineer:

Responsible in ensuring the implementation of construction procedure and method statement, the Quality Control of work, Supervise the work and reporting the progress of work to Site Manager.

Safety / Environmental Officer:

Responsible in ensuring that all activities are carried out safely He will responsible to patrol at the site, Establishing the site safety plan, Conducting continuous safety inspection and stop any work deemed unsafe and a risk to personal.

Taking action to rectified the unsafe condition and report to project manager and preparing the notes of safety meeting.

QA/QC Engineer:

Responsible to monitor the execution and performance of the works in relation to this method statement,

ensure approved drawings and material specifications;

detect and report non-conformance;

ensure that all non­ conformance products or activities identified are reported;

propose the corrective and preventive action where possible and appropriate and record the completion of the Non Conformance by using approved report format.

Site Engineer & Foreman:

Responsible to make sure that all activities on site are carried out in accordance with the schedule and the construction drawing.

Take care of all worker to make sure that they work as per their responsibilities.

Make necessary decision when some non conformance is occurring and report to senior engineer.

5. Safety

Refer to the site safety policy for general safety controls. One of the main aspects of this procedure is Safety and Health Control.

This is to control occurrence of injuries as well as damage to equipment and properties during the entire construction period.

In order to ensure a safe working environment during the entire construction period, the following safety measures will be implemented:

5.1 Machinery and Equipment:

Prior to using any machinery / equipment at site, it shall be inspected and certified by qualified person.

Periodic  Preventive  Maintenance shall be made on all equipment and machinery.

All operators and drivers are to be equipped with valid  driver’s / operator’s license or permit from concerned government agency.

Only authorized drivers or operators will be allowed to operate machines or equipment.

Only authorized signalman shall be assigned together with the operator or driver.

All lifting equipment as well as its accessories such as sling wire, nylon sling, shackles, chain blocks crane hook and latch shall be inspected periodically.

5.2 Personal Protective Equipment:

Personal Protective Equipment  (PPE) shall be issued to all workers such as safety shoes, hardhat, working gloves, earplug, safety goggles (if required) and safety belt and or safety harness for workers who will be assigned in elevated places 2.0 meter and above.

Wearing of the basic PPE shall be enforced fully.

5.3  Safety Arrangement during the Foundation Work:

Emergency Action Plan- refer to Appendix-B

All new recruits shall undergo proper orientation and safety induction before they are deployed at site for work.

6.0  Work Procedure – Method of Foundation Work

6.1 Preparation of Works:

6.2 Survey and Setting out

Before work starts, survey department will establish baselines and benchmarks from which co-ordinates and elevations will be taken to set out the foundation works.

6.3 Excavation

6.4 Dewatering

6.5 Piles  (where applicable)

6.6  Blinding Concrete

6.7  Foundation

After QC inspection of the prepared founding level and lean concrete base layer then construction of the foundation will follow.

6.7.1 Rebar

6.7.2 Formwork

6.7.3 Concrete

6.8  Embedded Items

6.9 Repair and Touch-up

6.10 Backfilling

6.11 Pedestal

7.0 Tolerances

As per final design drawings and/or Main Contractors instructions.

8.0 References

9.0 Appendices

Appendix A: Activity Organization Chart

Appendix B: Emergency Action Plan

Appendix C:

1. Foundation Location Plan

2. Foundation Schedule

3. Foundation Construction Sequences

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