Method Statement for Woven Vinyl Flooring System

The following equipment and tools shall be provided with the necessary numbers to suit the numbers of skilled fixers:

  • Scissor
  • Straight Mat Knife
  • Rotary Cutters
  • Brushes
  • Applicator Rollers
  • Joint Rollers
  • Measuring Tape
  • Masking Tape
  • Pencils
  • Chemical Welding Needle/Machine
  • Air Compressor
  • Other Hand Tools
  • Leveling Instruments
  • Rubber Mallets
  • Spatulas


Execution of Woven Vinyl Flooring Works shall be completed as per details, pattern & design shown on the approved shop drawings and manufacturer’s recommendations. The visual appearance shall be consistence throughout. The flooring material shall be free from all defects like discoloration or other defects deleterious to strength, durability or appearance.


  • Woven Vinyl Flooring material shall be stored in a control temperature as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • All material shall be carefully delivered, stored and handled in a way protected from breakage, staining and other damages.
  • The materials shall be stored above ground and protected from soiling.
  • The material will be delivered to site to pre-assigned storage areas
  • Extra care and precaution will be taken to ensure avoidance of damage by placing and transporting.
  • Material will be protected during transit, storage and handling to prevent moisture, soiling, staining physical damage or disfigurement.
  • Site check will be done prior to installation for any damage.
  • All materials used for floor and Skirting shall be approved by the CONSULTANT prior to install.


  • The surface of the base slab shall be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Where necessary, hacked to expose as large a proportion of clean coarse aggregate as possible so as to provide a suitable key for screed.
  • Before laying the screed, cement slurry shall be brushed across the surface.
  • The screed shall be finished smooth to receive further finish as specified.
  • Grind-off high spots and fill-in low spots as necessary to ensure no voids occur.
  • The thickness of screed shall be as determined in the approved shop drawing.
  • Screed shall be finished to a hard and dense surface free from pinholes and imperfections.
  • Screed surface shall be kept moist as per project specifications.
  • Saw cut or hand edged trowel tooled control joints shall be provided where indicated in the shop drawing.
  • Saw cuts shall not vary by more than 12mm from true joint alignment.
  • After completing curing period, control joints shall be cleaned and filled with grout as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • If any cracks occur in substrates and prior to the laying of finish materials, shall rout out, grind, level as necessary, and fill flush with grout as per manufacturer recommendations.
  • All type of vehicular or foot traffic shall be prohibited on screed during setting.
  • The top of screed surface shall be cleaned, dry and free from cracks and Hollow Sound and in good surface level.
  • It will be ensured that the screed is leveled and without undulation. To control the undulation and uneven surface, screed shall be placed in panels providing and maintaining top surface levels under strict monitoring.
  • In case of visible undulation in screed, the area will be rectified and repaired accordingly.
  • Screed top surface shall be carefully cleaned and all dust shall be removed before adhesive application.


  • Mock-up shall be executed following the manufacturer recommendation and project specifications.
  • Mock-up shall be prepared in a size and location as required by the Consultant.
  • Mock-up shall be executed for pattern, aesthetic qualities and workmanship.
  • Approved Mock-up shall serve as a standard for variation of colors, texture and workmanship.
  • Mock-up shall be assembled to stimulate final conditions, indicating all joint/connection & other details.
  • The mock up shall retain unaltered throughout the entire period of installation and may be incorporated into finished work.

Method Statement for Woven Vinyl Flooring System


  • Before installation, material, adhesive and sub floor shall be allowed to adjust to room temperature (at least +18 ) as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Installation shall be taken place at room temperature.
  • Manufacturer approved adhesives shall be used for installation.
  • Adhesive specially designed for Vinyl Flooring shall be spread / applied on the prepared surface.
  • The flooring and skirting shall be laid with straight joints, butt joints and in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Distribute variations in shade or pattern of production run, to obtain a uniform effect.
  • The incoming light and high traffic areas shall be taken into account while installation.
  • Joints across the material shall be avoided, particularly for the striped items.
  • Where it is not possible for the striped items to be centered with each other across the entire width, the length must be laid in the same direction.
  • The overlap to length shall be around 4cm and then shall cut through the double thickness to achieve a close seam.
  • The position of seam shall be marked to facilitate the next stage.
  • The material shall be welded by chemical welding as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Finish floor pattern and design shall be according to the approved shop drawings / finishing schedule or manufacturer recommended and approved by the CONSULTANT.
  • The vinyl shall be laid as per design and approved direction recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The termination of vinyl flooring with other finishes and around Electrical Boxes (if any) shall be done as per layout design / pattern and manufacturer recommendations.


  • The installed work shall be kept clean as work progresses.
  • The Woven Vinyl Flooring shall be protected by providing one coat of Dirt Resistant Surface Coating as per manufacturer recommendations.
  • Upon completion of the work, all debris, equipment and access material resulting from the work shall be removed from the site.
  • All type of foot and vehicular traffic shall be avoided for at least 24 hours after installation.
  • Placing heavy furniture on the floor within the first 24 hours after treatments shall be avoided.

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