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Water Supply System General Design Considerations

Generally the design of any water supply system or water treatment process encompasses a broad area. Application of this general guide is dependent upon the type of system or process involved. The design basis for the system including the water source and treatment facilities shall be for maximum day demand at the design year. Water… Read More »

Structural Steel Work, Roofing System, Wall Cladding & Steel Decking Design Requirements

This article covers the design of connections and the fabrication, supply and erection of structural steel work, roofing system, wall cladding and steel decking. Below is a list of applicable standards and codes: BS 7668:1994, BS EN 10113, BS EN 10155, BS EN 10210; grade 43C: Structural Steel including sections facricated from steel BS4: Structural steel sections. … Read More »

Standard Requirements for Curtain Walling System

This pages mentions requirements for the provision of design, manufacture, supply, delivery, storage, assembly, fixing, installation, testing and commissioning of curtain walling system and all windows and glazed spandrels The Contractor will be required to produce full working drawings and details showing the construction, fabrication or manufacture, assembly and installation of the curtain wall system.… Read More »

Concrete Pile Works and Load Testing Requirements

All materials to be used for the piling concrete works shall meet the requirements as specified under relevant specifications of a project, and any cement to be used for concrete piles shall be a suitable combination of GGBFS,  satisfying ASTM C989, CEM II to BS EN 197-1:200 or BS 4246-1996 & OPC type I to… Read More »

Requirements for Road Marking Paint For Pavements centreline, edge lines, cross walks etc.

Permanent Markings for Concrete Surfaces Two part epoxide resin paint shall be used for marking concrete surfaces. The paint shall give a matt or semi-gloss finish and is to be formulated on a catalyst cured epoxide resin base. The material should be fuel resistant. The paint shall consist of non-volatile constituents and solvents of which… Read More »

Formworks and Accessories Requirements for Concrete Casting

Formwork and falsework shall be so constructed that they will support the loads imposed on them by the fresh concrete together with additional stresses imposed by vibrating equipment and by construction traffic, so that after the concrete has hardened the formed faces shall be in the positions shown on the drawings within the tolerances set… Read More »