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Construction Project Documentation Procedure

Contractor’s QC documentation must cover all aspects of quality control program activities, and includes Daily Inspection Reports and Daily Test Reports. After quality control plan QCP approval by the client, the contractor will document the QC activities pursuant to the QCP. Daily Record Keeping Project documents will be managed through a combination of a secure… Read More »

Design of Temporary Works for Completing Permanent Works on Projects

This procedure describes the requirements on the design of temporary works. The purpose of this procedure is to provide adequate drawings and method statements for the temporary works that are necessary for the completion of the permanent works. The design and / or verification of temporary works shall be performed by project personnel or external… Read More »

Method Statement for Preparation of Pile Caps Before Waterproofing and Pile Head Treatment

The purpose of this method statement is to define the procedure for the preparation of pile caps before starting of the waterproofing and the pile head treatment. The sequence of work shall be Piling , Dewatering, Excavation to remove the soil and pile breaking. Roles and responsibilities: Project Manager Ensuring that the project works in… Read More »

Responsibilities of Technical Engineering Department of Construction Company

Below is brief job description of technical department in order to achieve best quality results and complying the customer requirements. Raise suggestions to improve the system of working within the project and the company and follow the relevant management system procedures. Follow the Technical engineers hand book Standard operating procedures and checklists Receive all the… Read More »

Quality Manager Job Description

Below is brief description of quality manager job description for an organization. This page covers mainly contractor quality control manager responsibilities. The Quality Control Manager will report directly to the On-site Project Manager with matters concerning quality control. He will have both the authority and the duty to halt any operation appearing to be out… Read More »

Water Supply System General Design Considerations

Generally the design of any water supply system or water treatment process encompasses a broad area. Application of this general guide is dependent upon the type of system or process involved. The design basis for the system including the water source and treatment facilities shall be for maximum day demand at the design year. Water… Read More »

Document Control Procedure for Manual & Electronic Document Management System

The document control procedure of any company describes the control mechanisms to ensure that master documents are controlled with regards to their approval, revision, issue level, distribution and use. The control of documents procedure helps to ensure that the company’s environmental, health, safety and quality management documentation needs are controlled at all times. A good… Read More »

Project Accounting Practices and Accounting Policies – Definitions and Guidance Notes

The purpose of this guidance note is to provide definitions and guidance for critical accounting practices and to communicate the principal accounting policies. Responsibilities The following personnel have responsibilities mentioned in this procedure: – Corporate Heads of Finance (Chief Financial Officer / Finance Director) – Project Director/Manager – Project Commercial Manager – Finance Manager Principal… Read More »