Project Management

1. Purpose The purpose of this contract commercial management procedure is to establish the correct administration for the process of Provisional Sums and Nominated Subcontractors for the project. 2. Scope This procedure is applicable for all projects. 3. References Subcontractor and Major Supplier Management Legal and Contractual Issues Engineering DeliverablesContinue Reading

This Method Statement describes the hse management arrangements and systems of work to be adopted by Company during civil engineering and Infrastructure groundwork operations. The document, with its appended risk assessment, will suffice for the majority of works undertaken by the company but will require alterations or additions for certainContinue Reading

Table of Contents 1.0      Introduction 2.0      Purpose and Scope 3.0      Document Control 4.0      Reference Documents 5.0      Definitions, Terms and Abbreviations 6.0      Responsibility 7.0      Materials and Equipment 8.0      Resources 9.0      Methodology / Procedure 10.0    Permit 11.0    Quality Control 12.0    Health, Safety and Environment 1. Introduction A temporary Jetty shall be builtContinue Reading

Below is list of activities which are involved from beginning of a project i.e. from project tender stage up to handing over and final close out after the defect liability period. This can be helpful for new comers in construction industry to understand the steps and processes required for aContinue Reading

The Contractor shall undertake and complete the Works in accordance with the requirements of the construction Contract and shall liaise and consult with the Project Manager and the Engineer in administrating, coordinating and managing the project in accordance with its own approved procedures in general [as approved by the Engineer]Continue Reading

Consultant has reviewed and is familiar with all drawings and equipment proposed to be furnished on the project.  The following analysis will be conducted: Noise Criteria: At the outset of our work, CONSULTANT will review the latest relevant design documents and determine appropriate acoustical criteria. Where these are not definedContinue Reading