Construction of concrete plinths for the Blowers, Backwash Pumps and Transfer Pumps

This method statement provide details and procedures which will and is to be followed for the successful construction of concrete plinths for the Blowers, Backwash Pumps and Transfer Pumps in the Machine Room. The Supervision of the installation will be done by the Site Manager and Inspection by the QualityContinue Reading

This document provides guidance to the relevant parties on requirements for project handover information at practical completion and, in particular, the required structure and contents of building Operating & Maintenance manuals. It also specifies other information and items to be provided at handover stage. The purpose of providing this guidanceContinue Reading

1. Purpose 2. Scope 3. Definitions 4. Responsibilities 5. Safety 5.1 Machinery and Equipment 5.2 Personal Protective Equipment 5.3 Safety Arrangement during the foundation work 6. Working Method 6.1       Preparing Work 6.2        Survey and Setting out 6.3       Excavation 6.4       Dewatering 6.5       Piles (where applicable) 6.6Continue Reading

This method statement outlines the procedure and methodology for the site compound set up, including Parking and Material Storage. Typically contracts manager, site agent, foreman and a suitably qualified ecologist is responsible for this activity. Other employees who are directly involved include plant operators, banksman, site supervisor and general operatives.Continue Reading

1. Purpose The purpose of this contract commercial management procedure is to establish the correct administration for the process of Provisional Sums and Nominated Subcontractors for the project. 2. Scope This procedure is applicable for all projects. 3. References Subcontractor and Major Supplier Management Legal and Contractual Issues Engineering DeliverablesContinue Reading

This method statement covers the scope of work including the placement of formwork, reinforcement bars and ready mixed concrete. Arrange following equipment before start of the work: Batching Plants 1-2 Mobile Concrete Pumps 1-4 Truck-mixers 1-8 Air Compressor 1-3 Mobile Water Tank 1 Diesel Generator 1 Risk Assessments Risk: FallingContinue Reading