Civil Method Statements

This method statement covers the scope of work including the placement of formwork, reinforcement bars and ready mixed concrete. Arrange following equipment before start of the work: Batching Plants 1-2 Mobile Concrete Pumps 1-4 Truck-mixers 1-8 Air Compressor 1-3 Mobile Water Tank 1 Diesel Generator 1 Risk Assessments Risk: FallingContinue Reading

reinforcement bar method statement

1.0 PURPOSE To ensure that the installation of reinforcing bars are executed safely and in accordance with the contract requirements and that all quality assurance/ control activities are conducted in a systematic manner, works are inspected and conformance is verified and documented. 2.0 SCOPE This method statement outlines the proceduresContinue Reading

Table of Contents 1.0      Introduction 2.0      Purpose and Scope 3.0      Document Control 4.0      Reference Documents 5.0      Definitions, Terms and Abbreviations 6.0      Responsibility 7.0      Materials and Equipment 8.0      Resources 9.0      Methodology / Procedure 10.0    Permit 11.0    Quality Control 12.0    Health, Safety and Environment 1. Introduction A temporary Jetty shall be builtContinue Reading

Following equipment and tools may be used as required during Wet Area Water Proofing works. Wire Brushes Soft Brushes Air Compressor Empty containers / drums Stirrer / Rod Paint Brushes Paint rollers Wheel barrow Spatula Other hand tools Waterproof 360 PU (Liquid applied Polyurethane Waterproofing Membrane) WATER PROOFING PROCEDURE StorageContinue Reading

The aim of this Method Statement is to provide and maintain effective quality control procedures and to execute the construction work in compliance to standard and good practice at all stages and activities for the Erection & Dismantling of the Slab Formwork for Water Tanks. Following equipment’s and tools will beContinue Reading

This method statement provides the control sequence and installation methodology that will be used for supply, laying and fixing or installation of Stone Flooring (Marble/Granite Flooring), Finishes shown on the approved Shop Drawings or finishing schedules in compliance with the Project Specification. The following equipment and tools shall be providedContinue Reading