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Construction Project Site Field Testing Procedures

As required by the contract specifications, the contractor shall establish a test program to ensure that all required testing is properly identified, planned, documented and performed under controlled and suitable environmental conditions, including cleanliness. Such test procedures shall incorporate or reference the requirements as contained in the contract technical specifications, codes, and industry standards. As… Read More »

Construction Project Documentation Procedure

Contractor’s QC documentation must cover all aspects of quality control program activities, and includes Daily Inspection Reports and Daily Test Reports. After quality control plan QCP approval by the client, the contractor will document the QC activities pursuant to the QCP. Daily Record Keeping Project documents will be managed through a combination of a secure… Read More »

Design of Temporary Works for Completing Permanent Works on Projects

This procedure describes the requirements on the design of temporary works. The purpose of this procedure is to provide adequate drawings and method statements for the temporary works that are necessary for the completion of the permanent works. The design and / or verification of temporary works shall be performed by project personnel or external… Read More »

Method Statement for Preparation of Pile Caps Before Waterproofing and Pile Head Treatment

The purpose of this method statement is to define the procedure for the preparation of pile caps before starting of the waterproofing and the pile head treatment. The sequence of work shall be Piling , Dewatering, Excavation to remove the soil and pile breaking. Roles and responsibilities: Project Manager Ensuring that the project works in… Read More »

Safe Work Method Statement & Risk Assessment for Excavation and Trenching

This safe work method statement SWMS details how specific risks associated with excavation, trenching and the location of underground services are to be managed and controlled. It outlines the common risks and dangers associated with this work and how to best control them. The control measures listed in this SWMS must be implemented on site.… Read More »

Method Statement of Brickworks

This is a precise method statement that can help you to assure that brickworks are installed properly and inspected and confirmed in accordance with drawings, specification and good working practice. Following tools and materials shall be available before start of work. Brick Hammer Trowel set Cement edgers Brick jointer Procedure of Brickwork The average compressive… Read More »

Construction of Concrete Plinths for Blowers, Backwash Pumps and Transfer Pumps

This method statement provide details and procedures which will and is to be followed for the successful construction of concrete plinths for the Blowers, Backwash Pumps and Transfer Pumps in the Machine Room. The Supervision of the installation will be done by the Site Manager and Inspection by the Quality Inspector. The Labor for the… Read More »