Method Statement For Site Mobilzation

This method statement describes step by step the detailed requirements and procedure of site mobilization in accordance with the contract requirement and specifications.


Project Manager :

  • Ensure all required submittal are made in a timely manner.
  • Work progress is carried out according to the planned program and all the equipment required to execute the works are available as per project planning are in good condition.

Project Engineer

  • Proper execution of work as per approved submittals, Method statement and approved shop drawings.
  • Timely provision of relevant full information and CLIENT approved documents to site execution team.
  • To distribute responsibilities among site staff.
  • Adopt all safety measures as required and under supervision of site / CLIENT safety Personals.
  • Follow sequence of execution of work and CLIENT instruction and approvals.

QA/QC Engineer

  • To initiate inspection Test Requests (WIRs) for CLIENT inspection / approvals.
  • To advise Site Foreman / Supervisor of the specific requirement related to work quality and requirement of CLIENT inspection and approvals at different stages of the work progress.
  • Implement of CLIENT comments through site team and preparing for final inspection and approval by CLIENT.
  • To maintain a comprehensive inspection and test record as Quality Standards and CLIENT approved Quality Plans.

HSE Officer

  • The implementation of all safety measures in accordance with the HSE plan and that the whole work force is aware of its proper implementation.\
  • Inspection of all the site activities and training personnel in accident prevention and its proper reporting to the construction manager and the project manager.
  • The site is maintained in a clean and tidy manner
  • Ensure only trained persons shall operate the power tools
  • Ensure all concerned personals shall use PPE and all other items as required.
  • Ensure adequate lighting is provided in the working area at night time.
  • Ensure high risk elevated areas are provided is barricade, tape, safety nets.
  • Ensure service area/inspection area openings are provided with barricade, tape, and safety nets.
  • Ensure safe access to site work at all times.

Job Performer

  • Ensures that he is aware of Client’s HSE rules and regulations, work procedures, job locations, equipment to be worked on, tools and                 equipment to be used and defining the anticipated start and finish time/date and no. of days.
  • Ensure that no other activity/tool is performed/used except as specifically described on the PTW/Certificate.
  • Implements the Work Site Precautions to be taken by the Job Performer as identified by the Area Authority on the PTW/Certificate.
  • Remains at the work site during the duration of the work and obtains Area Authority/Issuing Authority Signature if Job Performer replacement is
  • Adheres to and maintains the work site precautions identified by the Area Authority on the PTW/Certificate throughout the duration of the job.
  • Immediately suspends work in the event of the Emergency Siren or general Alarm being activated.
  • Returns the permit to the Permit Office on suspension of work, at end of the working day, or on completion of the work.
  • On completion or suspension of the job he must ensure that the work site is left in a clean-clear and safe condition

Site Foreman

  • To Carrying-out work and the proper distribution of all the available resources in coordination with the site Engineer on daily basis.
  • Daily reports of the works are achieved and coordinated for the future planning with the site Engineer.
  • Incorporate all the QA/QC and safety requirements as requested by the concerned Engineer.
  • Meeting with any type of unforeseen incident or requirements as requested by the concerned Engineer.


Only hand tools will be used during the mobilization phase.


 Site Mobilization

  •  The arrangements shall be made according to CLIENT HSE Manuals.
  • All personnel shall undergo complete physical examination and obtain fitness certificates prior mobilization.
  • Medically fit Personnel shall be provided the required training from CLIENT approved training institutes and trainers.
  • All necessary and approved brands of Personal protective equipments shall be purchased and provided to workforce.
  • All Operatives must attend CLIENT induction before entering CLIENT sitesConstruction site mobilization
  • Risk Assessments shall be prepared and to be approved from CLIENT regarding all the activities.
  • Site Mobilization shall be given due significance and risks associated with it shall be rated and subsequently shall be either controlled, mitigated or prevented and ALARP shall be achieved as minimum.
  • Vehicles and equipments shall be strictly in accordance with CLIENT HSE Manual section of Land Transport.
  • Selection of drivers shall also be strictly in accordance with CLIENT HSE Manual-Land Transport section.
  • Drivers shall be provided with special ADSD training and certificates by CLIENT approved institute and trainers only.
  • Vehicles shall have IVMS, Desert safety kit and Roll over protection along with other things mentioned in HSE Manual-Land Transport.
  • The accommodation and food facilities must be arranged in advance and strictly in accordance with CLIENT HSE Manual

Health Safety and Environment

    • All site safety rules & regulations shall be complied with Project Specifications.
    • Every personnel will go through a CLIENT approved Pre employment medical checkup and only those who successfully complete the medical checkups will be allowed to work in the site
    • Every CONTRACTOR personnel will attend H2S Awareness training before CLIENT inductions
    • Approved Job Performers, First Aiders & Fire Fighters will be available at the site all the time
    • All Operatives will carry a Positive Pressure Escape set and Personal H2S monitor all the time at site
    • All operatives will be equipped with minimum personnel protective equipment; hard hat, coveralls, safety boots, safety glasses etc. all approved by CLIENT.
    • Job Performer will deliver tool box talks, relevant to these activities to all operations involved in the testing & commissioning and shall be recorded.
    • The person using any forms of chemicals has to wear hand gloves.
    • A lifting plan will be devolved before the operations and all lifting activities will be carried out on basis of that plan
    • Ensure only qualified personnel shall install, test & commission the equipment.
    • During testing & commissioning, display warning sign boards to be provided and barricade the area whenever necessary.
    • Only competent, experienced & trained personnel shall perform all the required activities stated in this method statement.
    • All Equipment and vehicles used in the project will comply with CLIENT regulations and must be inspected and approved by CLIENT before operating at site
    • Ensure that all operatives fully understand the method of these activities.


Task Risk Assessment

Relevant Site Drawings

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