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General Civil Method Statement For Foundations Construction

1. Purpose 2. Scope 3. Definitions 4. Responsibilities 5. Safety 5.1 Machinery and Equipment 5.2 Personal Protective Equipment 5.3 Safety Arrangement during the foundation work 6. Working Method 6.1       Preparing Work 6.2        Survey and Setting out 6.3       Excavation 6.4       Dewatering 6.5       Piles (where applicable) 6.6       Blinding Concrete 6.7       Foundation… Read More »

Method Statement for Formwork Reinforcement Bars and Ready Mix Concrete Work

This method statement covers the scope of work including the placement of formwork, reinforcement bars and ready mixed concrete. Arrange following equipment before start of the work: Batching Plants 1-2 Mobile Concrete Pumps 1-4 Truck-mixers 1-8 Air Compressor 1-3 Mobile Water Tank 1 Diesel Generator 1 Risk Assessments Risk: Falling from height Action: Personnel to… Read More »

Plastering Civil Works Method Statement

The necessary equipment/tools involved in plastering works are listed below. Plastering machine with silo system Tyrolene machine for rush coat Hilti Gun Mechanical mixer as required Spray machine or Hand sprayer as required Scabbler / Chipping hammer Hand tools (hand shovel, trowel, wooden float, aluminum straight edge, etc.) Material Handler (Bob Cat/JCB) Water tanker (stationary… Read More »