Vertical Bracing Construction Method of Steel Buildings Structure

Below is a precise method statement for erection and welding of vertical Bracing for steel buildings and structures as per the project requirements.

Sequence of activities for Bracing Erection are as follows

Receiving material from stores and temporarily stacking them if necessary in proper location.

Fixing of ladder on the pipe bracing by proper welding.

Lifting of bracing with proper lifting arrangement d. Locating the bracing as per erection drawing.

Bolting of bracing with essential torque by hand spanner.

Removing of slings & D shackle using the temporary ladder which was fixed on the bracing.

Sequence of activities for bracing welding are as follows:

  • Workmen will approach the bracing joint locations for performing the welding work by working platform which has operated by winch machine.
  • Winch machine lowering & lifting operation performed by winch operator based on the signal man commands.
  • Welding of bracings

General Bracing Erection Requirements

Bracing erection shall be carried out by using the crane or winch and other lifting devices as per the site requirement.

Before lifting the bracing the crane load chart, crane radius location, crane boom length requirement, lifting devices like sling, D shackle requirements shall be studied to suit the site condition.

For bolting of Bracing & Removing of slings & D shackles appropriate load carrying Temporary ladder shall be fixed on the bracing before lifting, ladder shall be made by approved drawing by engineering department.

Bracing shall be erected by using the appropriate capacity of crane or winch. Winch shall be certified by third party.

For Welding of bracing at all joint locations proper working platform shall be provide.

Lifting & lowering operation of working platform shall be performed by winch with appropriate capacity. Rope pulley for winch rope shall be fixed at proper location. Winch has to be placed on proper foundation & supports. No obstacles along the platform movement area has to be ensured.

Working platform drawings has approved by engineering department. Winch shall be operated by approved winch operator. One signal man has to provide for work platform lifting & lowering operation. All work man shall wear PPE’s before accomplishing the erection & welding works. Temporary ladder shall be removed after completing the erection & welding of all bracings.

List of Tools & Equipment’s

Crawler crane/ mobile craneWelding machine
chain pulleySafety belt
winch Helmet
Rope slingsSafety shoes
shacklesSafety jacket
belt slingEye Goggles
HammerFall arrester
rope pulleyWelding helmet

Hazards during the Bracing Erection:

Person falling from height

Material falling from height

Hit by the object

Equipment Topple

Lifting gear failure


Fire hazard

Safety measures to be ensured for erection:

Appropriate PPE required

Job Briefing to be carried Out for Workmen.

Certified lifting equipment and lifting gear need to be used for loading and unloading purpose.

Authorized person for crane operation and rigging operation need to be deployed.

During lifting, Tag line need to be used

Erection methodology and erection sequence need to be followed.

Once the structural member hoisted, the member should be secured with bolt, nut system/welding system as per the erection drawing.

During welding, underneath area of the ground level to be barricaded and underneath area of the welding location need to be covered with fire blanket.

Fire extinguisher to be provided at appropriate location & Fire watcher to be deployed.

During preparation of welding, welding cable to be run in such a way that should not be a tripping hazard.

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