Construction Project Documentation Procedure

Contractor’s QC documentation must cover all aspects of quality control program activities, and includes Daily Inspection Reports and Daily Test Reports. After quality control plan QCP approval by the client, the contractor will document the QC activities pursuant to the QCP.

Daily Record Keeping

Project documents will be managed through a combination of a secure document filing and storage system and a computerized document tracking system.

Sufficient records shall be prepared and maintained as work is performed to furnish documentary evidence of the quality of construction and laboratory analysis and of activities affecting quality.

Each contractor QC technician shall maintain a daily log of all inspections performed for both contractor and subcontractor operations on a form acceptable to client,consultant QA staff.

The Daily Inspection and Daily Test reports shall be signed by the responsible QC technician and the quality control manager QCM. Client’s QA staff shall be provided at least one copy of each daily inspection and test report on the work day following the day of record.

Daily Construction Report

A daily construction report will be prepared by the contractors. The report will include a summary of the contractor’s daily construction activities. Supporting inspection data sheets will be attached to the daily report where needed.  At a minimum, the daily construction report will include the following information:

  • Date, project name, location, and other identification
  • Description of weather conditions, including temperature, cloud cover, and precipitation
  • Reports on any meetings held and their results
  • Record of visitors to site
  • Locations of construction underway during that day
  • Equipment and personnel working in each activity, including subcontractors
  • Descriptions of work being inspected
  • Decisions made regarding approval of units of material or of work, and corrective actions to be taken
  • Description of problems or delays and resolution
  • Construction activities completed and/or in progress
  • Progress photos, where applicable
  • Signature of the reporting person

The daily construction reports will be routed on a daily basis to the project QC/QA files and will be maintained as part of the permanent project record. These reports are reviewed by client/consultant quality assurance QA staff.

Inspection and Testing Report Forms

Report forms will be completed for inspections and tests conducted. The forms vary depending on inspection or test type. These forms include:

  • Description or title of the inspection activity
  • Location of the inspection activity or location from which the sample was obtained
  • Recorded observation or test data
  • Results of the inspection activity
  • Personnel involved in the inspection activity
  • Signature of the inspector

Record Drawings

Contractors will submit draft record drawings to client for review and prepare final record drawings based on the comments.

The draft record drawings shall be submitted on one set of CD-ROM disks. Record drawings submitted on CD-ROM shall be the latest version of AutoCAD by AutoDesk, Inc.

As-built Drawings (Red-Line Drawings)

The Client working with the Contractor will be responsible for assuring that red-line record drawings are maintained daily throughout the construction process.

These red-line record drawings will be used to update the design drawings to as-built status at the completion of the work. The contractor will be responsible for red-lining construction drawings in the field as preparation for as-built drawings.

The as-built drawings will record approved actual field conditions upon completion of the work. The original design drawings will be marked up by the contractor as the project progresses to indicate as-built conditions.

Where there was a change to a specified material, dimension, location, or other feature, the as-built drawing will indicate the work performed.

Upon the completion of the as-built red-line drawings, the contractor will submit the red-line mark-up drawings to client/consultant for review. Client QA will incorporate the mark-ups and issue the final as-built drawings.

Control of Quality Records

Client’s QA verifies QA record accuracy and maintains copies of all quality-related documentation. This includes, but may not be limited to:

  • Daily construction QA logs and records;
  • Inspection checklists and reports;
  • Surveillance reports;
  • Non-conformance reports;
  • Material receiving reports; and
  • Monitoring and test data.

These records will be stored in files maintained in the project document control files.

The contractor provides an electronic or paper copy (suitable for scanning) of QC documentation associated with the work to document control within three business days of the generation of such documents; and one electronic copy of all required submittals to client document manager.

The contractor shall maintain a fire-resistant storage facility at the processing facility site.

The facility shall contain all inspection reports, test records, contract documents, project, and daily field reports. All records shall be available for inspection and audit, at any time.

Technical & Material Submittals


The contractor shall submit RFI and other submittals to Client/QA Consultants. The Client will administer and control the processing of contractor submittals.

After being reviewed for completeness, submittal documents will be transmitted to the relevant project staff for review and verification for compliance with contract requirements.

The submittal’s disposition will be noted on the submittal, which will be signed, dated and returned to the contractor.

If required, the contractor will revise the submittal, incorporating the comments and will resubmit it for review and verification for compliance.

Submittals will be logged and copies will be retained in the project files.

Submittal Schedule

The contractor will submit and maintain a submittal schedule. The client will review and after consulting the QA support personnel will approve the submittal schedule.

The schedule will be initially submitted within two weeks or as specified in the Contract Document after the award of the contract and then monthly with the monthly baseline schedule updates.

The client/consultant shall work with the contractor to prioritize and sequence submittals so that the most critical submittals are received and processed first.

The submittal schedule will become the baseline against which receipt of all required submittals will be compared. The approved submittal schedule will be forwarded to the client for resource availability planning.

Process, Review and Acceptance of Submittal

Submittals will be managed as follows:

  1. Contractor will number and certify the completeness of all submittals before submitting to the client;
  2. Contractor must also complete submittal transmittal forms and submit in required number copies and one electronic copy of all required submittals to the client document control manager
  3. Upon receiving the submittal the client/consultant will log the submittal and provide a review to ascertain whether the package is complete.
  4. If the submittal is incomplete the submittal will be returned to the contractor.

Storage of Submittal

The Contractor will maintain all submittal files via a combination of a secure document filing and storage system, and a computerized document tracking system.

Revision of Construction Work – Design Changes

Changes to construction processes or design plans and specifications are governed by the design change order procedures. Any revision or modification of design and all other non-tendered items shall be undertaken only after prior written approval of the client.

The Contractor shall submit rate analysis for the variation order (VO), on checking and correcting the same, the QA staff will submit to the client/developer/consultant for approval prior to execution.

Field changes for QC/QA will be limited to CQAP and CQCP changes. The contractor’s QCP required by Technical Specification may require revisions as necessary to correct unsatisfactory performance. At any time after approval by the client, the client may require the contractor to make changes to the QCP, including personnel changes, as necessary to obtain the quality specified.

Moreover, the contractor may initiate QCP changes to correct QC process problems, and is required to notify the Client in writing of any desired changes; all changes are subject to client’s QA acceptance.

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