Project Flow Chart / Work Instruction Summary

Below is list of activities which are involved from beginning of a project i.e. from project tender stage up to handing over and final close out after the defect liability period. This can be helpful for new comers in construction industry to understand the steps and processes required for a project life cycle.

Receive Project Enquiry

  • Direct invitation
  • Notice, news paper etc…
  • Initial study for Bid / Not to Bid

Review & Evaluation Inquiries

  • General study
  • Take out Quantities
  • Material evaluation
  • Installation evaluation
  • Pre-Project analysis report
  • Offer submission

Receive Order

  • Review order & terms and conditions
  • Accept LOI / Order

Engineering & Technical Support

  • Shop drawings Preparation
  • Technical submittals
  • Resource Planning
  • Execution Planning & programme
  • Resources availability


  • Review technical specification
  • Inquiries from suppliers
  • Evaluating offers (technical, cost & delivery)
  • Placing order

Project Execution

  • Review drawings
  • Review technical specification
  • Site facilities
  • Tools & resources
  • Start mobilization
  • Daily & monthly report
  • Weekly site meeting

Inspection & Testing

  • As per the contract & Client’s requirements depending upon the approved project quailty plan.


  • Review ITP reports
  • Visual Inspections
  • Make sure power, water, oil and other raw material available
  • Start plant
  • Record all activities

Authority Approval

  • Submit application to the concerned authority
  • Keep the site ready
  • Carry out inspection
  • Get the certificate NOC & others

Handing Over

  • Client inspection
  • Completing the snags
  • Approval on final reports
  • Approval on final bills
  • Get the final payments

Maintenance Liability

  • Carry out annual maintenance
  • Record all visits
  • Submit final maintenance report
  • Get the final approval

Project Close out

  • Final clearance from the Client
  • Get the final payment
  • Get all the bank guarantees
  • Get the Client’s feedback & appreciation letter

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