The Contractor shall undertake and complete the Works in accordance with the requirements of the construction Contract and shall liaise and consult with the Project Manager and the Engineer in administrating, coordinating and managing the project in accordance with its own approved procedures in general [as approved by the Engineer] and the requirements of the project Handbook in particular, which duties in summary shall include but are not limited to;

Scheduling a programme of Submittals and making regular submissions of such information to the Engineer for his approval, copied to the Project Manager.

Providing an overall Master Program for the project together with periodic short-run working programs updated on a regular basis as described in the Contract and further defined herein.

Producing a report each month that provides details of progress, submittals made and about to be made, changes agreed and scheduled for agreement, information requirements, instructions required, potential delays, claims submitted and potential claims, cash flow forecast updates and any other useful and relevant information required by the Engineer.

Co-operating with and assisting the Engineer with his responsibilities and with the needs and responsibilities of the Project Manager as defined in the Construction Contract and of the requirements and procedures described in this Handbook.

Liaising with and assisting the Project Manager in conjunction with the Engineer in compliance with its responsibilities and obligations to the Employer, in particular:

  • Ensuring that the Project Manager is in receipt of copies of all documents which it is entitled to receive under the Construction Contract and those copies which the Project Manager may reasonably request from time to time
  • Ensuring where reasonably practicable that all documents and other data are transmitted to the Project Manager in the English language [by translation if necessary.
  • Ensuring that the processes herein described are complied with in every respect
  • Providing the facilities and personnel that allow for the efficient implementation and operation of the processes and procedures herein described.

Communicating, corresponding and meeting with and reporting to the Project Manager and the Engineer in the manner described within this Handbook.

Paying particular attention to and operating the procedures and processes for the efficient administration of the project as set out in the project management handbook.

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