Consultant has reviewed and is familiar with all drawings and equipment proposed to be furnished on the project.  The following analysis will be conducted:

  • Noise Criteria: At the outset of our work, CONSULTANT will review the latest relevant design documents and determine appropriate acoustical criteria. Where these are not defined in the Building Specification, CONSULTANT will recommend targets that comply with internationally recognized standards.
  • Drawings & Equipment Sound Power Review: CONSULTANT has provided an allowance for the review of the drawings & manufactures sound data for the project.
  • HVAC Duct Borne Noise: HVAC noise will be reviewed for the air handling units, FCU’s and ductwork serving the public areas, hotel guest suites, restaurants, etc based on representative units with regard to sound power, flow, pressure, length of duct to closest receptor, sensitivity of critical receptor. Duct acoustics lining and silencer attenuation levels will be recommended to achieve the design criteria. Maximum air velocities and diffuser types will be recommended to prevent excessive turbulent noise.
  • Mechanical Equipment Vibration Control: CONSULTANT will analyze vibration isolation requirements for the air handling units, FCU’s, Exhaust Fans, Diesel Generators, pumps and recommend the noise control measures.
  • Mechanical Plant Room Noise Control: CONSULTANT will review radiated sound power levels of air handling units & pumps. Noise mitigation measures such as ceilings, floating floors, penetration seals and demising wall constructions will be recommended to help that equipment noise does not cause a disturbance to adjacent sensitive rooms.
  • Emergency Generator Noise Control: CONSULTANT will review intake, outlet, exhaust, and radiated noise levels of the emergency diesel generator. Noise mitigation measures such as silencers, ceilings, floating floors, penetration seals, equipment enclosures, and barriers will be recommended to reduce that generator noise to a suitable level during monthly testing.
  • Mechanical Equipment Noise Predictions: CONSULTANT will conduct noise intrusion predictions from the rooftop mechanical equipment, mentioned in the introduction above, into the occupied spaces of the suites below.

Consultant will consider the following noise & vibration paths:

Air Borne Path through slabs, walls & intrusion into the shafts, windows & balconies below.

Structure Borne Path at the support locations (to select appropriate vibration isolation system).

Sound entering the building structure and flanking down into the occupied spaces below.

CONSULTANT was commissioned to conduct a study of the noise of the 14 chillers on the roof of the Mall Car Park and their effect on the Hotel structure.  With the understanding that this study is currently the property of the Al Wahda Sports Cultural Club, CONSULTANT will re-visit this study and incorporate its data and findings, to determine the acoustic implications of these chillers to the current design of the Hotel block, and make recommendations based thereon.

  • Internal Sound Isolation Requirements: CONSULTANT will review the sound isolation requirements between internal spaces. CONSULTANT will assist the architectural team in developing a construction strategy that will allow the partitions to provide their best potential isolation. Mitigation measures to reduce the transmission of sound by any other paths will be recommended.
  • Night Club & Disco Sound Isolation Review: CONSULTANT will review all significant sound isolation paths, including demising walls & floors between the hotel Night Club as well as the Disco and any other partitions that may require specialized design. CONSULTANT will review all proposed wall & floor designs to determine whether they will perform adequately.
  • Night Club Room Acoustics: CONSULTANT will calculate the degree of acoustical treatment required at various locations throughout the hotel night club and will work with the architect to integrate the required acoustical treatment materials with room finishes.
  • Vibration Isolation of the Night Club Speakers: In addition to the building sound isolation design, CONSULTANT will review the placement and installation details of the night club loudspeakers to minimize structure borne sound.
  • Reports: Reports will be issued for each aspect of our involvement & to summarize the required noise control recommendations. Where appropriate, sketches of noise control details will be provided.
  • Meetings: One start-up meeting and several others as the project evolves will be required. CONSULTANT has budgeted for a total of eight meetings at your office in Abu Dhabi.

The above scope is a summary of the key tasks to be performed by the Consultant. For further details, please refer to the FIDIC Model Services Agreement for ‘Acoustic Engineering Consultants’.

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