All required design works are to be carried out to internationally recognized standards, in compliance with local codes and regulations and to the owner hotel operator’s requirements incorporating the latest standards and technology applicable to this type of development.


Consultant scope of work to include design of Information Technology and Audio-Visual systems for Hotel, Residential Building and Office Building elements including, but not to be limited to the items indicated below, and as required for a fully operational system:

  • Structured Cabling System
  • BX  (or IP Telephony)
  • Data Networking (IT Active equipment, IT Security & Network Management)
  • Data Center (Main Telecommunication Equipment Room “TER”)
  • Operator Areas (Telephone Operators, network monitoring etc.)
  • Audio Intercom Systems
  • Hotel Interactive Television Systems
  • MATV / CATV Systems
  • CCTV, Access Control & Security Management Systems
  • Audio Visual Systems for all Hotel restaurants, outlets and locations to include the following:
  • Discotheque
  • All Day Dining Restaurant
  • Lobby Bar
  • Seafood Restaurant
  • Italian Restaurant
  • Arabian Nightclub
  • Health club / Spa
  • Lift Lobbies
  • Audio Visual Systems for all Office Building restaurants, outlets and locations to include the following:
  • Business Centre
  • Multi Purpose Room
  • Pre Function Room
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Mediterranean Restaurant
  • Ballroom
  • Lift Lobbies



  • Consult with the Client representative(s) and the Architect to establish technical performance and functional requirements of It & AV systems.
  • Provide programming study including outline of owner-prescribed or consultant­ suggested functional and technical performance requirements for the IT & AV systems.
  • Provide guidance to the owner regarding available technologies and associated costs
  • Develop preliminary budget cost report with appropriate budgets for each system category.
  • Provide preliminary services requirements schedule indicating space, power and containment requirements for IT & AV systems.
  • Provide concept design schematics.


  • Consultant will provide the following deliverables as part of the Concept Design Phase:
  • AV & IT Concept Design Report
  • AV & IT Cost Estimate
  • AV & IT Schedule Of Services
  • AV & IT Concept Schematics


  • Meet with the Architect to provide interiors co-ordination related to IT & AV device sizes, locations and finishes as well as concealment of devices (if required).
  • Provide coordination with the project electrical engineer and provide design criteria for system power requirements and anticipated loads, special grounding and shielding to eliminate EMI/RFI noise, and wire management for IT & AV systems.
  • Provide coordination with the project mechanical engineer and provide design criteria for cooling of equipment rooms and any other special cooling or ventilation Issues related to the systems.
  • Provide coordination with the structural engineer to co-ordinate wall penetrations, slab openings that are required for the containment of the IT & AV systems.
  • Provide schematic drawings for all IT & AV systems indicating interfaces between systems


  • Consultant will provide the following deliverables as part of the Design Development Phase:
  • Detail AV & IT Design Report
  • Detail AV & IT Cost Estimate
  • AV & IT DD Drawings
  • AV & IT DD Specification


  • Provide on going coordination with the Architect and Interior Designer.
  • Provide floor plans and reflected ceiling plans showing equipment locations and layouts, electrical power distribution and wire management system requirements including conduit, cable trays, floor boxes and back-boxes for data outlets, telephone outlets, wall panels, card readers, cameras, loudspeakers, etc.
  • Provide floor plans, ceiling plans, site plan documents (if required), enlarged IDF room layouts, rack details, device locations, riser and grounding diagrams, equipment details and system technical specifications.
  • Provide single-line functional block diagrams showing the interconnection of all major system components. Provide control system block diagrams indicating primary control functions and intended control methods. Provide details and/or elevations showing layouts of technical panels, patch panels, and equipment racks. Provide one-line riser diagram showing the recommended technical grounding scheme for IT & AV systems.
  • Provide drawings detailing entry/exit locations and termination details for back-boxes and cable trays.
  • Provide layout drawings of TER, IDF, equipment rooms, control rooms and operational areas.
  • Prepare detailed and itemized specifications, for the various packages to cover all equipment that is to be supplied and installed within the scope of works and as shown on the tender drawings.


Consultant will provide the following deliverables as part of the Construction Documentation Phase:

  • AV & IT Tender Drawings
  • AV & IT Tender Specification
  • AV & IT Tender Bill Of Quantity


  • Provide a list of contractors who are qualified to bid on IT & AV systems package. Answer questions from tenderers and assist in negotiating with the tenderers. Be available to answer any queries and clarify any aspects of the tender documentation, provide written responses to tender queries.
  • Provide analysis of all returned tenders and prepare a written report of bids assessed highlighting errors, omissions or non-adherence to the tender, and make recommendations as to the appointment of a contractor.
  • Provide assistance in negotiation with tenderers. Provide assistance to the Hotel Operator in developing the RFP for the Property Management System (POS, HOS) as per Hotel Operator’s Standards.


  • Consultant will provide the following deliverables as part of the Tender Phase:
  • Pre Qualified Tenderers List
  • Basis of Qualification
  • Tender evaluation report


  • Review and comment on all fabrication / shop drawings as submitted by the IT & AV contractor to ensure compliance with the contract document and specification requirements, and to respond accordingly in writing.
  • Review change orders, respond to requests for information and issue drawing corrections as required.
  • Undertake periodic site visits during the construction phase to monitor IT & AV related construction progress.Review telecommunications cable tests and AV test reports for specified source quality control tests and field quality control tests prior to date of substantial completion.
  • Undertake site visits near the completion of the low voltage systems installations, to observe the progress of the systems construction and to prepare a defects “snagging list’ prior to the commencement of systems commissioning.
  • Undertake additional site visits to verify correction of any defective work, supervise adjustment and commissioning of the systems and co-ordinate owner-personnel training by the contractor.


  • Consultant will provide the following deliverables as part of the Construction Administration Phase:
  • Initial Punch List & Test Report
  • System Commissioning Report
  • Snagging List


  • Provide supervision of contractors test and commissioning procedures. Review contractors test & commissioning reports, prepare a defects “snagging list’ of items that require completion or correction.
  • Provide supervision of final proof of performance testing, supervise issue of manufacturers end to end warranty statement.
  • Prepare tacking over certification.


  • Consultant will provide the following deliverables as part of the Test &
  • Commissioning Phase: 
  • Review of Contractors Initial Test Reports
  • Defects Snagging List
  • Inspection Report on Corrected Items
  • Approval of Manufacturers End to End Warranty Statement
  • Taking Over Certificate

The above scope is a summary of the key tasks to be performed by the Consultant. For further details, please refer to the FIDIC Model Services Agreement for ‘Audio Visual and IT Systems Design Consultancy Services of the project.