Method Statement For Fixing & Installation Of Stone Flooring Marble / Granite Works

This method statement provides the control sequence and installation methodology that will be used for supply, laying and fixing or installation of Stone Flooring (Marble/Granite Flooring), Finishes shown on the approved Shop Drawings or finishing schedules in compliance with the Project Specification. The following equipment and tools shall be provided with the necessary numbers to suit the numbers of skilled fixers:

  • Leveling Instruments
  • Masonry Tools
  • Brushes
  • Rubber Mallets
  • Spirit Levels
  • Spatulas
  • Aluminum Straight Edge
  • Measurement Tapes
  • Stone Cutting Machine/Power Saw
  • Plumb Line and Plastic Strings
  • Steel Hammers
  • Masking Tapes, etc. as required.
  • Other hand tools.


Execution of Stone Flooring Works shall be completed as per details, pattern & design shown on the approved shop drawings and manufacturer’s recommendations. The visual appearance shall be consistence throughout. The flooring material shall be free from all defects like vents, cracks, fissures, discoloration or other defects deleterious to strength, durability or appearance.


  • All material shall be carefully delivered, stored and handled in a way protected from breakage, staining and other damages.
  • All the material shall be cut and prepared in the factory as per required size or dimension.
  • The materials shall be stored above ground and protected from soiling.
  • The material will be delivered to site to pre-assigned storage areas. These materials will be identified immediately after fabrication by marks and numbers that clearly indicate the location in the building according to list.
  • Extra care and precaution will be taken to ensure avoidance of damage or chipping by placing and transporting the material safely on panel edge.
  • Material will be protected during transit, storage and handling to prevent moisture, soiling, staining physical damage or disfigurement.
  • Site check will be done prior to installation for any damage.
  • All materials used for floor and Skirting shall be approved by the consultant/client prior to install.


  • The surface of the base slab shall be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Where necessary, hacked to expose as large a proportion of clean coarse aggregate as possible so as to provide a suitable key for screed.
  • Before laying the screed, cement slurry shall be brushed across the surface.
  • The screed shall be finished smooth with a wood float to receive further finish as specified.
  • The substrates shall be sufficiently smooth and level, such that when thinnest mortar to accept stone is applied, no voids under the stone occur.
  • Grind-off high spots and fill-in low spots as necessary to ensure no voids occur.
  • The thickness of screed shall be as determined in the approved shop drawing.
  • Screed shall be finished to a hard and dense surface free from pinholes and imperfections.
  • Screed surface shall be kept moist as per project specifications.
  • Saw cut or hand edged trowel tooled control joints shall be provided where indicated in the shop drawing.
  • Saw cuts shall not vary by more than 2mm from true joint alignment.
  • After completing curing period, control joints shall be cleaned and filled with grout as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • If any cracks occur in substrates and prior to the laying of finish materials, shall rout out, grind, level as necessary, and fill flush with grout as per manufacturer recommendations.
  • All type of vehicular or foot traffic shall be prohibited on screed during setting.


  • Mock-up shall be prepared in a size and location as required by the client/consultant.
  • Mock-up shall be executed for stone color, pattern, aesthetic qualities and workmanship.
  • Approved Mock-up shall serve as a standard for variation of colors, texture and workmanship.
  • Mock-up shall be assembled to stimulate final conditions, indicating all joint/connection & other details.
  • The sample panel shall retain unaltered throughout the entire period of installation and may be incorporated into finished work.

Stone Flooring Procedure & Method Statement


  • An approved adhesive will be prepared by mixing with water on a required proportion as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The adhesive will be laid over the screed by notched trowel up to 3mm to 5mm as specified in the approved shop drawings or as per specifications and manufacturer recommendations.
  • The stone shall be placed over the laid adhesive. The stone will be tamped by with rubber mallet and will be twisted above the adhesive to have a 100% backing support and to avoid hollow inside the stone.
  • All the units shall be distributed as per approved pattern and design determined in the shop drawing in compliance with color or texture evenly over the entire installation to avoid patches or streaks, and produce a homogeneous blending of all units.
  • The stones/marble shall be installed in accordance with consultant instructions if a noticeable pattern or grain direction is apparent due to natural appearance of stone or finishing.
  • Flooring shall be true in plane, level or sloped as shown on the Drawings, to a tolerance of 3mm in 3000mm measured in any direction.
  • Stone shall be cut in true shape around MEP services if any.
  • Stone might be dry laid prior to fix to match the color/shade and pattern.


  • The Skirting and Thresholds shall be provided as per approved shop drawings and Finishing Schedules.
  • Marble thresholds, chamfered at edge shall be provided across doorways where floors meet other floor finishes.
  • Thresholds shall be raised at doors to rooms containing equipment or fixtures with water supply.
  • Threshold shall be provided at a finished surface of 20mm above finished floor unless otherwise shown on the shop drawing.
  • Bed solid to wall before laying skirting.
  • Ensure joints in skirting match and align with joints in floor tiling.


  • The joints shall be grouted with approved colored mortar, matching with the stone color.
  • All joints shall be as close as possible and shall in no case exceed 1mm in width.


  • The control joints shall be provided in stone flooring as shown on the approved shop drawings, or directed by the COMPANY.
  • The control joints will be cleaned and raked out to full depth and filled with approved sealant recommended by the manufacturer.


  • The installed work shall be kept clean as work progresses.
  • After grouting and pointing, stone shall be cleaned with stiff nylon fiber brushes and water.
  • The use of steel wire brushes or acids shall not permit.
  • Upon completion of the work, all debris, equipment and access material resulting from the work shall be removed from the site.

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