Method Statement For Removal Of Concrete Brackets Earlier Provided For Struts


  • Hydraulic Power Pack, HILTI DLP 30 :  2 Nos.
  • Hydraulic Saw Head, HILTI DSTS 30 :  2 Nos.
  • Hydraulic Hoses (set of 6 hoses) :  2 Nos.
  • Remote Control :  2 Nos.
  • Coring Machines HILTI DD250 :  2 Nos.
  • Drilling Machines HILTI TE 2 :  2 Nos.
  • Diamond Wire :  1 No.
  • Wire Saw
  • Water Hoses


The following procedure describes the major tasks to be performed. It is the responsibility of the Project Personnel to ensure that all relevant procedures are closely adhered to, work is performed by qualified, experienced and well-trained personnel, and to coordinate all work activities with the concerns. This is a vibration free method of cutting.

After mobilizing at site, all the necessary machines and equipment will be installed, following the procedures involved in coring and cutting the concrete brackets.

  1. Prior to start cutting, the marking will be done on the existing concrete bracket.
  2. After marking, the coring machine will be fixed and start coring of 150 mm dia, to the full depth of bracket, for lifting.
  3. The cores will be symmetrical, for balancing the piece while lifting.
  4. Pulleys for guiding diamond wire will be installed.
  5. After installation of pulleys, a rail and saw head will be fixed (this saw head will be connected with hydraulic power pack through hoses) and diamond wire will be placed around the concrete bracket.
  6. The machine will drive the wire and pull it inside direction, while cutting the concrete and steel.
  7. It is imperative to cut the piece accurately as per structure and weight condition.
  8. After cutting one side of the concrete bracket, the piece will be held / controlled by crane before starting the other side.
  9. The same procedure will be repeated for cutting the other side, after that piece will be free to lift and ready to move from site.
  10. This is a vibration free method of RCC cutting.
  11. The continuous supply of water on the wire saw, keeps all the operation cooled and without any heat generation.
  12. The friction of diamond to steel has no sparking of ignition and the wet operation safeguards all particles produced by cutting to be cold.
  13. All operation is remote controlled and far from direct human contact.
  14. All the operation will be completed under strict safety supervision.

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