Method Statement For Supply & Installation Of EOT Cranes


  • Pallot Trolley – 2 Nos
  • Chain Block -2 Ton – 1 No
  • Lifting Slings
  • Hand Tools


  • The complete EOT Crane shall be supplied and erected by competent personnel representing the Manufacturer of the crane.
  • The crane girder and the components are brought near to the Tower Crane on a trailer.
  • Using the Tower Crane, crane girder and the components are lifted one by one through Entrance Vestibule Skylight Void and placed on the pallet trolleys and brought below the runway beams.
  • The EOT crane will be assembled mechanically and electrically.
  • Total weight of the assembled crane will be 1130 Kgs.
  • Using a 2T chain block hanging from the Cross beam connecting the RCC Columns, the EOT Crane is lifted and the wheels of the cranes are placed on the bottom flange of the runway beams.
  • Make sure that all the wheels are seated properly before removing the slings then remove the chain block
  • Power supply bus bar will be installed along the runway beam.
  • The crane shall be tested for proof load
  • The crane shall have identification.
  • The parts catalogs, factory test certificates, operation manual, as well as the on-site load testing certificate, shall be given to the Engineer in original plus copies as may be required, upon completion of the works.