Method Statement For Tower Crane Erection & Management


Equipment / Specializing Tooling:

  • Mobile crane 50 ton,25 ton and 200 ton
  • Flat bed Lorries
  • Safety harnesses, Helmet
  • Chain blocks, power tools as required
  • Fire fighting and safety equipments i.e. Fire Extinguisher etc.


  • Bolts and pins
  • Anchor bolts
  • Precast counter weight blocks



  • All of the handling operation using the mobile crane will be carried out safely by
  • Properly setting up the crane.
  • Ensure proper crane capacity.
  • Slings and lifting equipment to be inspected for certification, to be in good order and of correct lengths according to the Weights of the parts to be lifted.
  • Lift plan to be completed as applicable before critical Lifting Starts.
    • The erection operations must be carried out as per installation manual.
    • Make sure that protection and safety means are fitted and used such a ladder platforms guard rails and safety rope etc.


General – Prerequisites:

  • Errection crews on site will familiarize themselves with the site tasks to be undertaken.
  • All necessary Inspections will be carried out to ensure that tower crane installation is complete as originally commissioned.
  • Any defects, damaged or missing crane components, where identified, to be replaced immediately prior to starting operation.
  • Third party certificate will be provided before operation of Tower Crane.
  • Tower Crane will be operated by certified Tower Crane operator.

Tower Crane Erection Sequence:

  • Tower crane TC-3 will be installed / erected in Zone – 4.
  • The area will be properly cleaned and well protected.
  • Base concrete / leveling concrete will be casted for the laying of Pre casted Sleepers.
  • 3+3 pre casted concrete sleepers of 4 meter length will be laid parallel to one another, on the leveling concrete as per tower crane installer’s instructions and details.
  • After laying of pre casted sleepers/footings a rail line will be fixed on the top of sleepers with nut bolts. (As shown in attached sketch in catalogue).
  • C-Channel will be fixed to hold the sleepers in its position and to avoid any type of movement in the sleepers.
  • Over these rails tower crane will be fitted gradually according to the crane installer’s instructions and details.
  • A dead weight of 12+12 ton of pre casted concrete blocks will be mounted on both sides of the tower crane as per the capacity of the tower crane.
  • After mounting load/weight the tower sections will be added to increase the height of the tower crane up to the required level.

Further sequence of tower crane erection is listed below.

  • Mounting the Basic Mast & telescopic cage.
  • Fitting the Tower Head.
  • Fitting the Cat-head & Cabin.
  • Assembling the jibs and the counter jibs.
  • Fitting the jib trolley and pulley block.
  • Fitting the counter jib and jibs.
  • Reviving the hoist rope for working.
  • Fitting the counter jib ballast.
  • Mast Composition.
  • Fitting the access ladder.
  • Putting into service.

Pre Operation Procedure:

  • All erection will be as per erection manual and all relevant works will be carried out under Supervision of qualified Erection Supervisor from CONTRACTOR.
  • Plant area around the foundation of tower crane will be kept cleared and cleaned for the smooth and safe lifting Operation during work progress.
  • The master section of the crane structure will be fitted to the base clamp using the cotter pins.
  • Check that the MAIN on the switchgear cabinet and master switch on the control panel is off.
  • Connect the control cable from switchgear cabinet to control panel, and insert the main plug at the site junction box.
  • Electrical connection for the crane is made and necessary fire fighting (Cylinders) and safety equipment are installed in the cabin.
  • Ensure that load indicator and other systems are functioning properly.
  • Testing of the crane is conducted for adequacy and stability. This will be done by trial lifting of weights at different operating radius. Stability and adequacy of the crane will be assured by these lifting operations and 3rd party inspection and certification will be done prior to the use of crane.

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