Method Statement For Removal & Transportation Of Struts

Following tools or equipment shall be arranged before starting the work.

  • Crane – 200 to 300T : 1 No.
  • Tower cranes at site
  • Flat bed trailer : 1 No.
  • Scaffolding (with green tag)
  • Gas Cutting sets : 2 Nos.
  • Welding set : 2 Nos.
  • Lifting gear as required

The following procedure describes the major tasks to be performed. It is the responsibility of the Project Personnel to ensure that all relevant procedures are closely adhered to, work is performed by qualified, experienced and well-trained personnel, and to coordinate all work activities with the concerned Contractor’s department.

After casting of raft and retaining wall of each zone and the maturity of concrete (after minimum curing period), a mobilization notification from Main Contractor on date and time etc. to be provided to Sub Contractor to initiate the activity.

Contractor will mobilize the machinery and crew after getting due acknowledgement from the Main Contractor.

A safe working platform and scaffolding (after checking and inspecting from internal safety department) and support system will be provided at site.

All the struts / pipes will be divided in equal segments, in such a way that the weight of cut portion should not increase more than 10 tons per piece.

In reference to the attached sketch which shows the stage of removal of struts, an “H” beam section support will be provided under the struts, at the cutting point to distribute the load of strut equally and to avoid any deflection in the other / remaining portion after cutting.

A suitable capacity crane will be mobilized at site according to the logistic plan for holding and lifting the struts/pipes after cutting.

The crane will keep holding the strut/pipe during the cutting process.

Right after cutting the pipe from both ends, crane will lift the piece and load it to the trailer for transportation in a very smooth and safe way.

The proposed activity will be carried out in second shift/evening due to transport restrictions.

Time schedule:

Top Layer:

  1. Small and medium struts: 3 + 3 numbers – duration for removal                 2 days.
  2. Middle Struts – 2 numbers – duration for removal                                         2 days.
  3. Small struts -1+2+2numbers 2 days

Total number of days for removal of struts                                                           6 days.

Number of visits:

The number of visit for removal of struts can be one or two, depends on the logistic and traffic management support provided by the Main Contractor.

Material Transfer (Removed Struts)

The materials, mainly the struts will be removed as per the requirement of the work schedule. It will not be stored at site. The struts will cut and transported by using trailer and proper lifting gear under the supervision of safety team.

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