Required Tools for installation of Aluminum Glazed Windows, Doors & Louvers: Hand Tools Drill Machine Glass suckers Sealant applicator Cutting saw Lifting belt Cradle/Scaffolds Tower/Mobile Crane INSTALLATION PROCEDURE FOR DOORS, WINDOWS & LOUVERS: Ensure all opening are as per the approved shop drawings. Cleaning of the dust on masonry opening ofContinue Reading

The following equipment and tools shall be provided with the necessary numbers to suit the numbers of skilled fixers: Scissor Straight Mat Knife Rotary Cutters Brushes Applicator Rollers Joint Rollers Measuring Tape Masking Tape Pencils Chemical Welding Needle/Machine Air Compressor Other Hand Tools Leveling Instruments Rubber Mallets Spatulas PROCEDURE FOR VINYLContinue Reading

Following tools shall be arranged for Method Statement for GRP Lining and Ladder Installation in Water Tanks. Mohair rollers Steel Rollers Brushes Scrappers Grinders Drills INSTALLATION PROCEDURE FOR GRP LINING: CRYSTIC GELCOAT 65E shall be stored in the dark and suitable closed containers. The storage temperature should be less thanContinue Reading

The following Method Statement describes the procedure and equipment required for the false ceiling works. The following types of False Ceilings will be covered. Gypsum and Cement Board False Ceiling Beam Grid System False Ceiling (CF-10) Baffle ceiling (CF-03 & CF-07) Ceiling Tiles, 600 x 600mm and 600 x 1200mm (C3,Continue Reading

General Requirements: Formwork shall be so constructed that it will support the loads imposed on it by fresh concrete together with additional stresses imposed by vibrating equipment and by construction traffic. For the construction of structural floor slabs formwork shall be used as per shop drawings and manufacturer’s recommendations. TheContinue Reading