Method Statement For Painting Works

All painting works shall be carried out strictly in accordance with approved paint manufacturer’s recommendations and relevant applicable standards. Application of Painting system to the internal/external surfaces shall be as approved by the CONSULTANT and as required in compliance with manufacturer’s recommendations,…Read More »

Method Statement For Installation Of Ceramic, Porcelain & Agglomerate Tiling Works

Below is step wise method s statement for Installation Of Ceramic, Porcelain & Agglomerate Tiling Works. Following Equipment shall be arranged: Drum mixer Grinder/saw or wet diamond table masonry cutter Aluminum straight edge Trowel Plumb Spirit level Wheel barrow Hand Shovel Water…Read More »

Method Statement For Screeds/Topping Operation Above Water Proofing in Toilet, Roof Slab and Raft Slab

SCOPE This method statement covers the detailed procedure to be followed for screeds/topping operation above water proofing in toilet, roof slab and raft slab. This also covers the screeding operation below tiling works in concrete slabs wherever necessary. This procedure shall be read in…Read More »

Project Close Out Report – Template

  Were the project objectives (expected outcomes) Accomplished? Explanation if required Were all Deliverable submitted and accepted? Explanation if required Did the Client/Engineer verify that all deliverable met the requirements? Explanation if required Have all subcontracts been closed? Explanation if required Have all final payments been made? (i.e.,…Read More »