PROJECT MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITIES FOR SPECIALIST LIGHTING CONSULTANT FOR TYPICAL OFFICE, HOTEL & RESIDENTIAL TOWER PROJECTS. HOTEL TOWER INTERIOR LIGHTING – BASEMENT Discotheque (architectural lighting). Public Washrooms. Common Circulation areas between Disco & Washrooms. Entrance to Nightclub at Level B1. Staircase from ground to Level B2. GROUND FLOOR Both Entrance lobby’s including GrandContinue Reading

PROJECT MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITIES FOR THE SPECIALIST AUDIO VISUAL AV CONSULTANT All required design works are to be carried out to internationally recognized standards, in compliance with local codes and regulations and to the owner hotel operator’s requirements incorporating the latest standards and technology applicable to this type of development. ITContinue Reading

PROJECT RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE INTERIOR DESIGNER AT DIFFERENT STAGES PHASE 1 – CONCEPT DESIGN: The I.D Consultant will initially: Analyze the concept space planning with the Engineers and review the architectural layout to enhance and optimize the interior planning, circulation and special relationship between the key facilities. Agree with the ClientsContinue Reading

CLIENT PROJECT RESPONSIBILITIES  The Clients’ duties and responsibilities include: Obtain and provide the Project Manager with all necessary information (including reports and other relevant documentation) in its possession which relates to the Project execution and control. Provide the Project Manager in timely manner with all other information which the ProjectContinue Reading

REQUIRED INSTALLATION TOOLS: Installation power hoist – TIRAK X series 750 kg capacity with pulleys Manual chain pulley block Over Speed Governor Hanger positioning rod Safety pedal for Over Speed Governor Parking chain 2m, 1500 kg Plumbing tool set Plumbing support Car guide alignment tool Counter weight guide alignment toolContinue Reading

Necessary tools required for installation works: Hand tools (hammer, rubber hammer, chisel, screw driver etc.) Spirit level Jig Saw Manual Circular Saw Drilling Machines Miter Saw Cordless Drills PROCEDURE FOR WOODEN DOORS: All Submittals, Fabrication and Manufacture, Product Delivery and Storage shall be made in accordance with Project Specifications. Required samplesContinue Reading