Method Statement For Supply And Installation Of Wooden Doors & Joinery Works

Necessary tools required for installation works: Hand tools (hammer, rubber hammer, chisel, screw driver etc.) Spirit level Jig Saw Manual Circular Saw Drilling Machines Miter Saw Cordless Drills PROCEDURE FOR WOODEN DOORS: All Submittals, Fabrication and Manufacture, Product Delivery and Storage shall…Read More »

Method Statement For Instalation Of Aluminum Glazed Windows, Doors & Louvers

Required Tools for installation of Aluminum Glazed Windows, Doors & Louvers: Hand Tools Drill Machine Glass suckers Sealant applicator Cutting saw Lifting belt Cradle/Scaffolds Tower/Mobile Crane INSTALLATION PROCEDURE FOR DOORS, WINDOWS & LOUVERS: Ensure all opening are as per the approved shop drawings.…Read More »

Method Statement For False Ceiling Works Gypsum Board, Beam Grid, Ceiling Tiles & Baffles

The following Method Statement describes the procedure and equipment required for the false ceiling works. The following types of False Ceilings will be covered. Gypsum and Cement Board False Ceiling Beam Grid System False Ceiling (CF-10) Baffle ceiling (CF-03 & CF-07) Ceiling Tiles,…Read More »

Method Statement Of Concreting For Vertical Elements Retaining Wall, Shear Walls & Columns

Method Statement Of Concreting For Vertical Elements (Retaining Wall, Shear Walls, Columns Etc.) Following equipment shall be arranged before starting the work: Survey Instruments Tower/Mobile Crane Mechanical Vibrators / Internal Vibrators Concrete Pumps Transit Mixer Trucks Batching Plant All necessary Hand Tools Safety…Read More »