Project HSE Training, Awareness and Competence Procedure

Project safety training for all project personnel is completed on the projects in accordance with the requirements documented in this hse training procedure as identified below.

The Management of Health and Safety at work places a duty on every company to:

1. Take into account employees capabilities as regards Health and safety,

2. Provide adequate Health, safety and environmental training:

  • Upon being recruited Safety and Environmental Induction should be recorded on Form for the HSE Induction Record.
  • Upon being exposed to new or increased risk. Toolbox Training, attendance at which must be recorded.
  • During employment with the company to update with new techniques, laws, etc. using Training Evaluation Form, Training Evaluation Record is to be completed by a selection of attendees for use in improving contents of Training.

All new employees should receive induction training upon joining the Company covering as appropriate:

 Clients rules/Relevant Safety and Environmental legislation.

 Company safety policy, rules and procedures.

 Project Safety Plan/Potential Hazards.

 First Aid and location of on-site clinic.

 Fire provisions.Risk Rating Matrix

 Welfare provisions.

 Emergency procedures.

 Personal protective equipment site requirements.

 Waste Management systems at site level.

 Security, site access, and traffic/pedestrian routes.

 General responsibilities of employees.

 Environmental Aspects and Impacts.

 Housekeeping and Waste Management systems at site level.

 Accident Reporting Procedure.

 Safety & Environmental Audits.

HSE Training Plan

The Project HSE Training Plan gives the minimum training requirements for site personnel.

Specialist training for these groupings of personnel will also take place on a project:

  • Crane Operators
  • Operation of mobile plant
  • Operation of MEWP‟s
  • Slingers / signalers/ riggers
  • Scaffolders and scaffold inspectors
  • Confined space works
  • Fire safety training
  • Welding and gas cutting
  • Electrical installation
  • Steel erection

Communication will be in English and any other languages that will be understood by the entire workforce.

A special sticker will be pasted on the employees‟ hardhat with the endorsement signature of the training officer in order to quickly identify at the site and to ensure that the employee has gone through the Safety Induction before he is allowed to enter the site or start work.

All visitors to the project must receive a short health, safety & environmental briefing if it is intended that they go on the worksite.

The visitors who only receive the visitors briefing shall be accompanied by a fully inducted escort at all times.

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