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Civil Method Statements

Method Statement For Painting Works

All painting works shall be carried out strictly in accordance with approved paint manufacturer’s recommendations and relevant applicable standards. Application of Painting system to the internal/external surfaces shall be as approved by the CONSULTANT and as required in compliance with manufacturer’s recommendations, approved method statement, drawings and project specifications. Before …

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Plastering Civil Works Method Statement

The necessary equipment/tools involved in plastering works are listed below. Plastering machine with silo system Tyrolene machine for rush coat Hilti Gun Mechanical mixer as required Spray machine or Hand sprayer as required Scabbler / Chipping hammer Hand tools (hand shovel, trowel, wooden float, aluminum straight edge, etc.) Material Handler …

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Method Statement For Screeds/Topping Operation Above Water Proofing in Toilet, Roof Slab and Raft Slab

SCOPE This method statement covers the detailed procedure to be followed for screeds/topping operation above water proofing in toilet, roof slab and raft slab. This also covers the screeding operation below tiling works in concrete slabs wherever necessary. This procedure shall be read in conjunction with contract specification for screeding works wherever …

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